Oracle Information                         

Introduction, Installation, and PL/SQL Information

Introduction to Oracle SQL & PL/SQL

Quick Tips for Oracle and UNIX
PL/SQL Functions
Analytic Functions
Regular Expressions Regular Expressions cheat_sheet(pdf)
Native Dynamic SQL WITH Clause
Bind Variables All About Joins and ANSI 99 Joins

Explicit Cursors

Advanced_Cursors - Cursors for Loop - Ref Cursors - Bulk Collection


Composite Datatypes

Advanced PL/SQL (Collections and BULK operations, includes 12c) Exercises to Practice with Collections
Arrays and Table Operator Directory Listing with SQL and JAVA
Oracle 8i - New Features Oracle 9i - New Features
Oracle 10g - New Features Oracle 11g New Features

DBA Basic Docs

 Flash Recovery Area (FRA) Managing Trace and Alert Files - ADRCI Command
Automatic Memory Management (AMM) Oracle - validated Package - easy Linux Installation
Tuning Linux using ASM
New Features for Logical Standby
Migrating NON-ASM to ASM Oracle Flashback
High Availability Solutions Flashback Database
In-Memory Column Store  (External)   Multitenant Management 
Purge SYSAUX Multi Table Insert and Merge
DataPump or Data Pump Apply Patch on Dataguard

12c Specific Docs
12c Architecture  Oracle 12c New Features
Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) in PDBs (External) WITH Clause Enhancements
Partition Enhancements in in 12.1 and in 12.2 (External)
Relocate a PDB in Zero Down Time (External)
Online Conversion of a Non-Partitioned Table to a Partitioned Table (External)
Real-Time Materialized Views (External)
Upgrade from 11g to 12c

19c Specific Docs

Upgrade from 12c to 19c: Traditional way  Upgrade from 12c to 19c: Autoupgrade

Backup & Recovery / RMAN

Recovery Manager (RMAN)

Clone with RMAN and Active Database Command

COMPLETE Guide for Recovery Procedures and Scenarios 

Recovery Procedure (Graphical)
Recover DB with Missing Arch Redo Logs Manage RMAN Repository
Clone a Database from Hot or Cold Backup (without RMAN)
RMAN Demos
RMAN - Restore to Another Server Recovery Scenarios (ORA Errors)
Clone or Duplicate DB Same Box

Data Guard

Data Guard DB: Concepts and Creation Clone with RMAN and Active Database Command
Data Guard, Quick Setup Open Physical Standby For Read Write and Flashback
Configuring Data Guard with DG Broker
Using RMAN to Create a Logical Standby
Snapshot Standby DB Active Data Guard
Synchronize a Gap On Arch Log Files on the Standby DB Dataguard Missing Archivelog Files
Data Guard Fast Start Fail-over Implementation (pdf)
Data Guard Fast Start Fail-over and Switchover Configuration (pdf)
Graceful Fail-over and Fail-back on Manual Data Guard
Create Manual (non-automatic) Standby DB
Failover and Switchover


GoldenGate Theory Concepts  Resolving Errors
GoldenGate Installation  GGSCI Command Summary
Troubleshooting Using LogDump Utility Performance Tuning Tips


Oracle Architecture and Administration

Arquitectura Interna de Oracle (Spanish - pdf)

Memory Configuration and Use

Multiple Buffers Pools
Shared Pool Management

All about Statistics
Performance Tuning (pdf)

TUNING (install, tune, analyze, UNDO, hints)

EXPLAIN PLAN and Tips for effective queries

Statspack: Configuration
Analyzing an AWR Report  All about Wait Events
More information on Waits
All about LATCHES

SQLTrace and TKProf

All about Triggers and Event Attributes 

Managing Tablespaces, Datafiles and Oracle Files

Retrieving the Top-N rows


Transportable Tablespaces

Optimize your Network Configuration Using DBMS_Profiler
Histograms ASH Active Session History

Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 
Oracle Enterprise Manager / Grid Basis OEM Reinstall: Change Hostname / IP Address
OEM Quick Commands
OEM Define Email Alerts 

Unix Specific Docs

Unix Commands for DBAs Writing_Unix_Scripts and Bash Shell
Oracle-validated RPM, simplify install of Oracle Oracle / Linux Installation Matrix (External)
Installing Cygwin and X Windows System MobaXterm Tips
Uninstalling Oracle on Unix VI Quick Reference
Linux Admin Quick Reference (pdf) The One Page Linux Manual (pdf)
Unix Command Translator
Unix porting Commands (External)

Oracle and Virtual Environments
Virtualization Suggestions Oracle VM (External) 


RAC Basic Information
Quick RAC Commands
Installing RAC on Virtual Machines (External) RAC Filesystem Options
RAC 12c Linux with ASM 

Windows Specific Docs

Managing Oracle on Windows Windows Backup Scripts

Assorted Docs

Create AWR and ADDM Reports and e-mail them All about DBMS_Jobs and Intervals
All about Partitions

All about Oracle Scheduler

Effective Coding Style, Naming Standards and Architectural Tips

Oracle Configuration Standards

Applying Patches to Oracle (Opatch) Secure your database
Deadlocks Encrypt_Data_and_Code

Materialized Views

Send Mail Through Oracle

Parallel Query Tuning Parallel Execution


XML A How-TO Guide for PL/SQL users (pdf)

All about UTL_FILE Package RAID Configuration

Multi-Threaded Server Overview (MTS) or Shared Server

All about Indexes

SQL Loader

Loading Data Faster: Testing different Options

SQL Injection Walkthrough
SQL Injection Example
Oracle Limitations Autonomus Transactions
Using Comma Separated Lists with DBMS_UTILITY
Date and Times in Oracle
Introduccion a Oracle (Spanish)
TOAD Quick Guide  TOAD Hidden Performance Secrets (pdf) 
TOAD for App Designer (pdf)
TOAD Team Coding (doc) 
TOAD for Data Analysts (pdf)
TOAD 11.5 Functional Matrix Product (pdf) 

Documentation from Oracle's Web Site

Oracle Master Notes Oracle by Example Series
Oracle Official Documentation Site
Oracle Starting Page
Oracle High Availability papers (RMAN, Data Guard, RAC, etc)

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