OEM - Setting up Email Alerts

This section explains how to set-up and configure email alerts via Grid Control. Please note, for simplicity, these instructions deal with a single notification rule and alert. Users should create or amend the notification rules and alerts to suit their own needs.

1. Configure the mail server that dbconsole will use to send emails.

  • Click on setup in the top right-hand corner of dbconsole
  • Click on Notification Methods in the side bar
  • Enter a valid Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server
  • Enter a suitable description for Identify Sender As
  • Enter a suitable email address for Sender's E-mail Address
  • Click on Test Mail Servers
  • Check to see if an email has been received in the Sender's E-mail Address inbox.
  • Click apply if satisfied with the test.

2. Set-up the email addresses that will receive emails from dbconsole

  • Click on preferences in the top right-hand corner of dbconsole
  • Enter a valid email recipient in the E-mail Address field.
  • Select a suitable Message Format. For SMS messages, this should be set to short
  • Ensure the Select tick box is ticked and click Test
  • Click Ok
  • Click apply if satisfied with the test.

3. Define a schedule for when you wish to receive alerts.

  • Click on preferences in the top right-hand corner of dbconsole
  • Click on schedule in the side bar.
  • Click on Edit Schedule Definition
  • Select a Rotation Frequency
  • Click Edit Existing Schedule
  • Set a suitable Start Time and End Time for the schedule.
  • In the E-mail Addresses field, enter one of the email addresses defined in section 3 above.
  • Select the Days of Week that are applicable to the schedule being created.
  • Click Batch Fill-in
  • Click Finish

4. Create a notification rules.

  • Click on preferences in the top right-hand corner of dbconsole
  • Click on rules in the side bar.
  • Click create
  • Enter a Name for the notification rule.
  • Enter a Description for the notification rule.
  • Select a Target Type. For example, database.
  • Ensure Apply rule to all targets of the target type selected is selected.
  • Click Next
  • Select the availability states to be notified on.
  • Click Next
  • Select the Severity States to be notified on.
  • Use the Arrows to move the Available Metrics into the Selected Metrics box. Any metrics in the Selected Metrics box, will be alerted on.
  • Click Next.
  • Depending on which metrics were chosen, it may be necessary to define further attributes for the metric.
  • When satisfied all additional metric properties have been defined, click Next.
  • Ensure the Send Me E-mail tick box is ticked.
  • Click Next
  • Review the Notification Rule and click Finish

At this point, whenever a metric threshold is triggered, the notification rule will capture the alert and send the alert to the email addresses defined based on the schedule settings.