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Latest Modifications

Apr 2019 = Very good information on ASH (Active Session History). Also Updated SYSAUX and RMAN pages
Aug 2018 = Nice information on Histograms
Aug 2018 = After a long period, I'm back with many updates: Oracle 12c New Features, Multitenant in 12c
, and many more updates

Jan 2014 = Added a BLOG

May 2013 = Huge modification on
AWR Reports
September 2012 = 11g Total Recall, Install 11g in Linux,
August 2012 = As usual many many modifications!!! More information on TKPROF, Using Java and SQL to get Directory Listing, Minor updates on RMAN, Scheduler, Great information on Analytic Functions, Understanding Oracle License Policy and Table Fragmentation
August 2011 = Many, Many changes: Flash recovery Area, Using RMAN 11g to Create Physical standby, Clone DB with 11g and RMAN and Active DB Command, Clone DB with RMAN 11gr2 without Target connection, Virtualization Suggestions, AWR Reports, RMAN FULL Information, AWR Reports and e-mail, Oracle Scheduler, Oracle Supprt Master Notes, Joins and ANSI Syntax
March 20 = Updated tons of pages, specially:TOAD Quick Guide, Unix Commands for DBAs, Raid Configuration, Statspack Analysis, Statistics, Tuning, Tips for Effective Queries,
February 6 = Added Complete Document on Statistics
January 30 = New Doc on Duplicate a DB with RMAN
January 20 = Added GREAT Documentation on TOAD Quick Guide, TOAD Hidden Performance Secrets and Debugging code with TOAD
December 01 = Added very good Information to the AWR Page, Statspack Page, RAC Commands, and TOAD Quick Guide
September 19 = GREAT document on Oracle 10g RAC and VMWARE
September 08 = Tons off updates!!!!!!  Updates to Oracle Silent Installation, New 10g Features, Flash Recovery Area, Oracle 10g Price List, Oracle 10g Pruduct Family, Tuning Linux for Oracle, Shared Pool Management, Tuning by Statistics, Using DBMS Profiler, Dataguard, RMAN.
November 26 = Updates to Statspack, Oracle on NT, TKProf and Anaytic Functions
November 16 = New Pages on Tuning Linux for Oracle, Using DBMS Profiler,
Octubre 3 = Added Cocina Argentina!!
September 25 = HUGE Modifications!!! New Tuning Parallel Queries, New Shared Pool Management, Updates to: Manage Datafiles, Analytic Functions, Oracle Internal Architecture, Summary Unix Commands, Linux Administration Commands, Standby Concepts, New Features on 11g, DBMS_Jobs,
July 20 = New Features on Oracle 11g!!  Backup and Recovery Checklist
June 20 = HUGE Modifications to: New Features 9i, Standby Concepts, Quick Tips, New Features 10g, Effective Coding Style, Google Tips, Tuning Methodology, Tips for Effective Queries and Advanced_PL-SQL
May 17 = Added more information on Flashback Database on Oracle 10g!!
Jan 31 = Added Palm Page with Personal Notes, Added notes on Pivot Tables
Nov 29 = New Information on 11g
Nov 29 = Added More information on Native Dynamic SQL
Nov 27 = Added Oracle Silent Installation Note
Nov 23- More Information on Oracle 10g!!
Oct 27 = COMPLETE RMAN Information!!
11-Jan = Added: "Oracle Replication Survival Guide", SQL Injection Articles, Applying Patches to Oracle
21-Dec = Big Update to almost all the Web Pages.
23-Oct = Update to Oracle 10g, Truchadas, Tuning, Standby Information
13-Oct = Add Page with Information: Datos Argentinos
02-Oct = Updates to several pages like: Unix Programming, Oracle 9i Limits, Jobs
16-Agosto = New page about Wait Events, Background Process, Unix Command Translator and PL/SQL Collections
06-Agosto = Nueva page TUNING METHODOLOGY, modifications to Standby Page and Checkpoint Tuning
02-Junio = New Page of Backup and Recovery Scripts
                 Update to Truchadas Page
Update to Oracle 10g, SQL Loader, Tuning, PLSQL_Functions
                 Update to Oracle Standby Recommendations and Configuration
26-Mayo = New Loading Data Faster
9-Agosto = Web Site is Live!!!